Setup of a Wi-Fi and network printer in Toongabbie

Setup new network printer and connected it to Computer laptop, iPhone, iPad and Android tablet. Now all devices are able to print over wireless network.

Customer is happy to be able to print from all his devices now without hassle.

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Insurance assessment in Mount Annan

Insurance claim report created for a customer in Mount Annan. Here an iMac fell down the desk at the attempt to inert a USB drive. I helped the customer and assessed the damage. Now it’s easy to claim a replacement which was handled very fast from his insurance.

Data rescue from a broken laptop

A customer’s HP laptop broke down in Stanwell Tops, and customer had tons of data on the old laptop which were irreplaceable and it was his work collection of files over 8 years (!).

I could rescue teh data and copy it to his new laptop, all was done in a couple of hours and customer can sleep now again.

Gaming computer freezes randomly under Windows 10

A gaming computer in Helensburgh had the problem with freezing randomly. Issue was resolved by a bios update and reinstalling Windows 10 on it. We have done this without loosing any data on site in almost no time. Customer confirmed after 2 weeks that the computer runs now stable and faster.

HP Spectre start menu intermitted not responding on Windows 10

A business customer in Auburn had an issue with his HP Spectre laptop. Here the start menu was not responding anymore. This was an intermittent issue and has been fixed now in a short time.