Insurance assessment in Mount Annan

Insurance claim report created for a customer in Mount Annan. Here an iMac fell down the desk at the attempt to inert a USB drive. I helped the customer and assessed the damage. Now it’s easy to claim a replacement which was handled very fast from his insurance.

Data rescue from a broken laptop

A customer’s HP laptop broke down in Stanwell Tops, and customer had tons of data on the old laptop which were irreplaceable and it was his work collection of files over 8 years (!).

I could rescue teh data and copy it to his new laptop, all was done in a couple of hours and customer can sleep now again.

A customer from Leumeah had his laptop mouse not working. The mouse buttons are stuck and not working anymore. The repair was to replace the touch button board. This was done in about 1/2h and the laptop works now like on day 1.

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Not all software we need is running on a Mac. Sometimes we need to compromise and install Windows on a Mac. We have the option to use Apple Boot Camp, but with this we need to decide what OS we bring up, or we use virtualisation software like VirtualBox or any better one like Parallels. The benefit of virtualisation is that we can run our MacOS and run Windows in a ‘Window’ which in this particular case was the best option.


The customer just paid a fraction of the price what a new Windows PC or Laptop would have costed and can use his loved iMac to work on.

Also, he has the option to use snapshots of the system status and the system can be restored within seconds.

Lenovo laptop screen replacement

High School student got his screen cracked.

So we replaced it for under $300 and got the student back to school.

Everyone was happy as the repair was done the next day and it took less than 1/2 hour.