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Not all software we need is running on a Mac. Sometimes we need to compromise and install Windows on a Mac. We have the option to use Apple Boot Camp, but with this we need to decide what OS we bring up, or we use virtualisation software like VirtualBox or any better one like Parallels. The benefit of virtualisation is that we can run our MacOS and run Windows in a ‘Window’ which in this particular case was the best option.


The customer just paid a fraction of the price what a new Windows PC or Laptop would have costed and can use his loved iMac to work on.

Also, he has the option to use snapshots of the system status and the system can be restored within seconds.

Refurbished iMac A1225

10-year-old iMac A1225 had a broken screen, logic board and had lots of data on it.

Replaced logic board screen and hard disk, upgraded the Mac OS X from 10.5.8 to 10.7.5

Upgraded memory from 2GB to 4 GB and restored all data.

This job was just a bit over $500 and gives the customer at least 2 more years iMac happiness…