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Gaming computer freezes randomly under Windows 10

A gaming computer in Helensburgh had the problem with freezing randomly. Issue was resolved by a bios update and reinstalling Windows 10 on it. We have done this without loosing any data on site in almost no time. Customer confirmed after 2 weeks that the computer runs now stable and faster.

HP Spectre start menu intermitted not responding on Windows 10

A business customer in Auburn had an issue with his HP Spectre laptop. Here the start menu was not responding anymore. This was an intermittent issue and has been fixed now in a short time.

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Not all software we need is running on a Mac. Sometimes we need to compromise and install Windows on a Mac. We have the option to use Apple Boot Camp, but with this we need to decide what OS we bring up, or we use virtualisation software like VirtualBox or any better one like Parallels. The benefit of virtualisation is that we can run our MacOS and run Windows in a ‘Window’ which in this particular case was the best option.


The customer just paid a fraction of the price what a new Windows PC or Laptop would have costed and can use his loved iMac to work on.

Also, he has the option to use snapshots of the system status and the system can be restored within seconds.

HS IT Services wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Patched a small network panel for a customer in Auburn who just moved into this office.