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Computers are extremely important for businesses, individuals and households. At HS IT Services, we provide reliable and effective solutions regarding computer repairs and services. We’ll gladly visit your home or home-based business to fix your computers, networks and answer your technology questions. Because we come to you, there’s no longer a need to pack up your computer and take it to the nearest dealer for repairs.

We speak PLAIN ENGLISH and help you get back to speed as quickly as possible.


PC / Mac Repairs

Are you getting a message saying No Signal? Perhaps your computer sounds like its turning on, but it’s not starting? Chances are you have a hardware problem, it may be a faulty part or simply a faulty connection. Let us diagnose the problem and of course provide you with a range of options on what is need to ensure you’re back online in no time.

Laptop / Macbook Repairs

Unfortunately with all the advancements in mobile computing, they are yet to make them drop proof. If you have dropped your laptop or Mac Book, spilled coffee on or around it or just basically trying to figure out why it is not running as it should. Call us to make an appointment. We will quickly diagnose any problems you are having and give you a range of solution to get you up and running again in no time.

not sure if we can help?

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