PC Repairs

Mobile IT Solutions

We’re Mobile

For more than 20 years we have been Sydney’s premier mobile repair service. Why lug towers and devices to the workshop, when we can bring the workshop to you.

We’re Mac Experts

Where others only work with PC and accessories we are happy to say we work with both. Forget the ‘genius bar’ at the nearest Apple store, we will come to you and  have your MAC or PC up and running again before you know it.


It’s a fancy word for devices, but there is nothing fancy about a printer that won’t network, a WiFi that won’t connect or a Bluetooth that wont Bluetooth. We are specialists at getting all your devices to ‘Play Nice’ with one another

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Service To Your Door

Think of HS IT Services as your very own ‘IT Department’, but without the expensive overheads of employing an IT Manager or Technician.

What Make Us Special

Here at HS IT Services we are committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our customers whilst maintaining industry competitive pricing.

We pride our self on providing a friendly mobile service, all while having the ‘know-how’ that comes with the years of combined technical experience of our technicians & staff.

Our old-fashioned customer service approach combined with our modern-day technical expertise and resources means you won’t just become another number – contact us to assist you today!

HS IT Services, for fast and efficient computer repairs. IT support and computer services with the personal touch, bringing you clever solutions and cost effective IT maintenance for you, your home and your business.

HS IT Services are your One Stop Computer Repairs, Network and IT Systems Support Solutions. With over 20 years “hands on experience” within the IT Industry, We can assist you with everything from basic computer repair to server and network installations.

Unrivaled Service Standards

No Callout Fee

Low Hourly Rate

Billed In 15 Minute Blocks

Remote Support

Phone Support

Solid Experience

not sure if we can help?

Contact Us To See What We Can Do For You


Sick Of Slow Computer Speed?

We Can Fix It

Sluggishness, error messages, lockups and misbehaving programmes are all signs you are due for a maintenance service. We can tweak your system and get it running at peak performance again

Virus/Popup Removal

These little nasties are a growing problem.

We Can Fix It

Be safe and protect yourself. We search them out, quarantine & destroy them.

Networks + Wireless

More than one computer in the home/office?

We Can Fix It

A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and even your Internet connection.

Hardware Upgrades

Looking for advice?

We Can Fix It

Tried your local PC shop and now confused and tired of pushy sales people? Let us help you select a new computer and set it up for you.


Spilled the coffee?

We Can Fix It

We do all sorts of repairs to hardware, from fixing the coffee spill to far more severe problems.

Data Recover

Lost that important file,folder or email?

We Can Fix It

It may not be all doom and gloom, for less than you think we can recover most data.


If you’re lucky, your problem is a software problem that can be easily resolved by running a repair utility or uninstalling and reinstalling. Let us put an end to your software woes.


Even though your laptop is portable, we have often found it difficult to replicate the error in our workshop. Let us come to you and see what’s going on, where it’s going on. We are experts in getting all your gadgets to play nicely with one another.


If it’s starting to make a strange noise, slow to start software or your keyboard, mouse, printer or other peripherals aren’t working properly it’s time to get us to fix the problem. Call us today we’ll be out in a jiffy.

not sure if we can help?

Contact Us To See What We Can Do For You

although somewhat cliche

No Job Is Too Small

No Callout Fee

15 Minute Blocks

We do things a little differently at HS IT Services. Our No Callout Fee means that you can feel secure knowing that even the smallest problem can be fixed with a minimum of heartache, fuss and most importantly expense.

We charge in 15 Minute Blocks. Most mobile IT services charge by the hour, some in 30 minute intervals, at HS IT Services we charge in 15 minute intervals after the first 45 minutes. What does this mean? It means that unlike other mobile it providers, one hour and fifteen minutes work means a bill for one hour and fifteen minutes. Not 2 HOURS!

Now That’s Smart