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Computer Networks

no longer a big business idea

HS IT Services can provide solutions and installation advice for all your networking requirements in your home and office, regardless of how big or small. Whether you need advice for cabling requirements, switches, routers, modems or other networking equipment, we are here to help. We can assist you in maintaining, or upgrading, your existing network, or help you plan and implement an all new network.

Network Testing

and fault location

At HS IT Services, use quality testing equipment for cabling and networking infrastructure. Our specialised equipment can determine cable limits, will identify internal faulty or loose wires, find a required cable, and determine if ‘pairs’ configured incorrectly. We can also determine network interference by speeds.


setup and installation

Our Tech Team can setup your modem router ready for home or business installation, for both new and existing networks. We can name and secure your wireless, and configure internal address range. Get setup and connected to the internet faster with HS IT Services.

Portable Devices

configuration and networking

Portable devices play an important role in both the home and business. HS IT Services can help configure your portable devices so they perform better for you. Configure Wi-Fi to connect and remember your home and/or business network. We can set up and aide in securing personal hot-spots. We can also setup email, cloud services, personal hot-spots and help with configuration.

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